Guidelines for Mass Deployment

The figure shows the first version of the Exten.(D.T.)2 Framework [V1] (Deliverable 2.2.) that uses the tree as a metaphor symbolising various aspects of supporting Design Thinking (DT) with Emerging Technologies (ET).

For the tree:

  • The trunk symbolises the different actors (component shown in red block) in this context who will be empowered by their competencies to actively engage in the DT activities with ET.
  • The cluster of leaves represents the five core components (shown in the red bubbles)  that are related to the actor component and are essential for supporting DT with ET.
  • Perspectives (presented in the green text, lines and arrows) are listed around the tree as crucial considerations (next to the components), which symbolise the air to promote the growth of the tree.
  • The roots signify the foundational competencies (shown in the purple boxes with arrows) that students, teachers, or educational stakeholders possess. These suggest that branches should be connected to the roots, and they are the essential building blocks for further growth and development and underpin effective DT learning with ET.

This metaphor helps visualise and understand the interconnected nature of the elements presented and sometimes overlapping aspects emphasising the importance of a holistic approach to integrating ET in DT education.

At this stage, the Exten. (D.T.)2 Framework [V1] is designed to mainly focus on teachers and be useful to other stakeholders of DT learning who may be interested in incorporating ET into their practices. Anyone interested in employing the Framework in their practices can consider these elements (i.e. components, perspectives and competencies).

We give some guidelines on how each of these elements should be approached for implementing the Framework as it has been formed at this early stage from the first months of research in the Exten. (D.T.)2 project (until May 2023).





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