Exten(DT)2 newsletter (July 2023) is out!

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Exten(DT)2 newsletter (March 2023) is out!

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19-21/10/22 Internal workshops: The first two internal workshops with project partners and invited teachers took place on the 19th and 21st Oct 2022 online. The aim of the workshops was to develop a common understanding of what design thinking is and how emerging technologies could leverage and extend its potential. Invited teachers shared their experiences of engaging with design thinking in their practice. Project technologies to be used in the project include three web-based games, a citizen science platform, and a design thinking professional development platform.

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5/9/22 Kick off meeting: The project’s kick-off meeting took place at the University of Linneaus in Sweden, 5-7 Sept 2022. Project partners from six countries met in person and discussed the project objectives and activities of the first year of the project. Amongst the project priorities are the recruitment of secondary teachers to partner with and codesign project activities, the development of technology prototypes and the design of evaluation for capturing impact on student performance and the teaching practice. The project was officially announced here.